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Marcus Lyons is an award-winning author, investigator, and research specialist opposite-sex-1with more than 35 years success working in various industries. He is a highly seasoned and well-versed research librarian and has worked with government agencies, corporations, writers, editors, small businesses, individuals, film & television producers, and professional organizations in providing research data and in-depth information to fulfill their professional needs.

I have twenty-plus years as a corporate intelligence consultant, background specialist, and investigator in innumerable legal cases. I am known for a specialization in finding things, information, and people that are hidden or don’t want to be found. I later became an historical research librarian for both state and municipal governments, which enhances my ability to dig deep, and provide confidential, intensive research services at every level.

Marcus reads your completed manuscript, looking for big-picture issues that need addressing, such as development, structure or organization, and flow. He also considers plot, characterization, pacing, scene placement, story progression, and other elements vital to lively and salable fiction or nonfiction. 

Katherine Holmes, Author


As a professionally published writer and editor, I have collaborated with bestselling authors, first-time authors, playwrights, nonfiction writers, screenwriters, and other creative writing professionals to ensure that the work they put out into the world is in its best possible form to help ensure success. I specialize in expository writing, persuasive writing, narrative writing, and descriptive writing.

His clients’ successes have cemented Marcus’s reputation as the “book whisperer” in industry circles. 

Andrew Hall, Hallway Studios

I have worked with some of the thoroughbreds of the film industry such as James Cameron, Ryan Reynolds, Jim Carrey, Barry Sonnenfeld, and James Franco. In television, I worked with Clyde Phillips (Dexter, Suddenly Susan, Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, and Trapper John, M.D.), and have written for television, major-market radio, and wrote and produced for public radio.


Another area of expertise is research for writers, in which I provide custom research services on any topic to novelists, screenwriters, nonfiction writers, speechwriters, television producers, writers, editors, publicists, marketers, executives, and many more.

I  deliver expert research from the world’s most comprehensive online databases, including Dialog, Nexis, Datastar, IAC, ProQuest, Dow Jones, Thomson, Wilson, and others. I have unique access to more than 1,000 specialized libraries in the US and abroad.

I also utilize a worldwide network of experts and research specialists in many fields and industries so that you can be sure you’re getting the absolute best returns.


I possess a strong pedigree in writing and research. I also hold a Masters of Fine Art (MFA) in creative writing, a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in communications and marketing, specialized certification as a paralegal, and certification as a professional resume writer.

Marcus is a meticulous, diligent, and intelligent individual. He’s always willing to listen, get the job done, and out perform himself at every turn. He has wit, charisma, and is a pleasure to work with!

Matthew Anton, Broker


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